Southland Rowe Roofing Warranty The new roof system shall have a Lifetime Contractors warranty and a Twenty-Five or Lifetime (25 or Lifetime) year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Any damage caused by outside influences will be repaired at the owner's expense, including but not limited to:

  • Extreme weather and other acts of God.

  • Servicemen other than Southland Rowe Roofing personnel working on the roof surface causing damage to the roof assembly.

  • Any substance or material being placed or deposited on the roof surface causing damage to the roof assembly.

  • Any standard language in the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Failure of Owner to maintain their roof per industry guidelines.

Workmanship - All new roofing work will be installed per the Manufacturers, NRCA and SMACNA details. Work performed will be carried out in an efficient and workmanlike manner by experienced roofers.

Code Compliance - All work performed will meet or exceed Florida Building Code and all applicable local building codes. Permit will be pulled and finalized by Southland Rowe Roofing, Inc.

Exterior Protection - Southland Rowe Roofing will take normal precautions to protect your lawn and shrubs during the course of the roofing project. Expect some loss of flowers and broken branches from the removal operation. At times, it may be necessary to place dump trailers in the yard to gain access to a point closest to the property. We ask property owners to park their vehicles on the street during the roofing project to prevent any tire damage. Southland Rowe Roofing assumes no liability for damage to driveways, lawns, sprinklers, water lines, sanitary lines or tanks caused by the shingle suppliers’ truck or equipment. Heavy trucks may be used during the course of the project. It is assumed that the driveway is capable of supporting heavy loads such as delivery trucks, trash trailers, etc. We will exercise caution at all times, but it is understood that Southland Rowe Roofing, Inc. is not responsible for damages to the driveway.

Insurance Coverage - As one of the top roofing companies in North Florida / South Georgia, Southland Rowe Roofing is chosen frequently to perform complex and challenging roofing projects for both private and government clients which require high levels of insurance. All of our workers are covered by Florida and Georgia Workman’s Compensation Insurance in the amount of $100,000 per employee. Southland Rowe Roofing also carries $2 Million in General Liability insurance as well as $2 Million in Fleet insurance. Customer Safety & Privacy - Southland Rowe Roofing has one of the most talented roofing teams in the industry. We are committed to hiring the most experienced individuals to conduct your roofing project. All of our workers are drug tested and receive regular safety training.

Claims - Any claims for damage must be submitted to Southland Rowe Roofing within ten (10) days from the date the job is completed.